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The CEO's Dashboard: The Health of Your Organisation on a Page

The CEO’s dashboard accompanies the CEO’s narrative report. It serves as the scene-setter for a great board pack. A dashboard describes the health of organisation, told through data, on a single page. It’s scope is much broader than the CFO’s report and talks to the interests of all key stakeholders – the shareholders (financials, naturally) but it also evidences the answer to some critical questions boards care about.For example:

  • Are we delivering on our strategic goals?
  • Are we treating our people/ suppliers/ customers well?
  • What risks threaten our licence to operate?
  • Are we working in the right way (governance)?
  • Are we creating a company that is sustainable and delivering its purpose?

If your board pack doesn’t address these issues, or more likely, if the answers are buried, join us to hear how to bring it to the fore. And take the lead on these important conversations with your board.


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