Truly great boards and ExCos afford time to the issues that matter most. It’s important, now more than ever, to be able to confidently answer:

  • How do you identify the issues that matter most?
  • How do make time in your leadership and governance forums to focus?
  • How can you achieve more balanced stakeholder conversations?
  • How can you engineer better Board or ExCo meetings?

Who should join?

If you’d like to answer the above questions for your Board or ExCo, this workshop is for you. As with all workshops, you’ll be asked to contribute your challenges and experiences. Therefore, a pre-requisite is your experience as a board member, CXO, or senior governance professional in shaping the Board or ExCo conversation be that through agenda planning, or understanding the organisation’s priorities and stakeholder concerns.

What will we cover?

  • A framework for identifying the issues that matter most.
  • How to build strong links between stakeholders, organisational purpose, and your board’s agenda.
  • A fresh approach to crafting your board’s forward calendar.
  • Plus untold insights from fellow participants.

Attendees are limited to 15 to allow for an interactive format over Zoom. Chatham House rules apply.

Dates Coming Soon 

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