Boards that are using technology to improve security, collaboration — and even improve the quality of discussion and decision — will soon start to pull away from those that aren’t, creating two tiers of boardroom — fast and slow.

The Solution

Join our Foundations of Boardroom Technology workshop to get a clear handle on the world of technology and start to map the path that’s right for your organisation right now.

What will we cover?

  • Review of the technology landscape
  • Understanding the needs of the board
  • Building foundations — where to start your journey
    • Security
    • The virtual board
    • Collaboration
    • Better packs & papers
    • Agenda management
    • Stakeholders
    • Analytics
    • Dashboards
  • What innovations are coming
  • Next steps — building a technology roadmap

Who should join?

This free workshop is suitable for board members and governance professionals, and is open to organisations of any size. This session is aimed at those who are building their understanding in how they can transform the boardroom using technology.

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