The COVID-19 crisis has led to more frequent, virtual meetings and our latest research shows that, in this environment, 80% of boards want shorter, more focused papers to help them guide the organisation. To help you do just that, Board Intelligence is hosting an Open Academy Live virtual workshop for our clients. We will share insights into how you can drive high-impact papers that support effective meetings.

This session is for you if:

  • You’ve attempted to make improvements (that worked, sort of) but you suspect there’s more to be done.
  • You want the problem of the board pack fixed, quickly.
  • You sponsor or write papers and want to understand what good looks like.

What will we cover?

  • How to produce a high-quality board pack.
  • How to write a short, high-impact paper for the board.
  • Key structure and style principles that underpin great reports.
  • Next steps you can take to transform your board pack.

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27 AUGUST, 10:00–11:15 BST

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