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Case study

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“We have seen a reduction in the length of our board packs of approximately 40–50%.” ~ Graham Mackenzie, Chief Officer

The Challenge

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were looking for an end-to-end solution for their board reporting process. They wanted to improve the quality of their board papers, streamline their pack production process and make it easy for their board to access their reports.

Board Intelligence were asked to support the CCG with these objectives and work with report writers to help them pull out the key messages and provide insights that would enable strategic decision making by the board.

The Solution

In response, we tailored three of our products — Write, Manage and Read — to fulfil Wandsworth CCG’s requirements:

  1. We introduced Write, our Reporting Toolkit, to provide report writers with a suite of best practice templates and resources to help them produce consistently high quality reports. In parallel, we ran a training programme with report writers to embed the principles that underpin our templates and to give them the confidence to write reports that answer the questions on the board’s mind.
  2. We introduced Manage, our board pack production tool, to streamline the board pack compilation and distribution process, and alleviate the administrative burden from the management team.
  3. And finally we introduced Read, our board portal, to provide a secure digital library of the CCG’s board papers that can be accessed by board members anywhere, anytime.

Each resource was tailored to the needs of the CCG, with consideration of broader NHS requirements, to ensure Wandsworth CCG achieved the outcomes they were looking for.

The Outcome

In just three months, Wandsworth CCG has experienced a more efficient reporting process, with a dramatic improvement in the quality of their board reports and a reduction in the size of their packs.

  • The roll-out of Write and the parallel training programme have upskilled report authors and embedded best practice reporting techniques across the CCG, helping them to produce shorter, more insightful papers for the board.
  • Manage has simplified the pack production process, reduced the burden on the CCG management team and given them back time to focus on other areas of the organisation.
  • And Read makes it easy for board members to securely receive, read and annotate their board materials wherever they are.

Write, Manage and Read have collectively improved the quality of report writing across the CCG and helped them to fulfil their duties as an NHS body. The reporting process is more efficient with time saved on fewer drafts, and authors are better equipped to prepare papers which answer the questions on the board’s mind. The board is enjoying more clarity on the key issues, leading to more focused discussion and more strategic decision making in the boardroom.

“These resources have undoubtedly aided and supported the work of the board.” “The benefits extend beyond board reports to written communication across the organisation.” ~ Graham Mackenzie, Chief Officer

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