Four things that make fund service providers switch to Board Intelligence


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From Waystone through to Apex and Ocorian, the world’s largest fund, trust, and corporate service providers use Board Intelligence to deliver a superior service to their clients. Here are the four key reasons they, and 12,000 users from the fund service community, use our board management technology:

1. It saves time and cost internally, whilst increasing client spend

Fund service providers are under pressure to do more with less. So, our board portal is optimised to deliver operational efficiencies that save time and cost.

With Board Intelligence, you can quickly and easily create agendas, brief report writers, upload files, and publish packs through a powerful, but intuitive administrator interface — saving hours every month, if not days, on these recurring tasks. And our intelligent permission system empowers you to make changes at the last minute, whether it’s adding or removing users, shuffling the agenda, or including late papers — rather than relying on an external help desk.

“We’re looking at a 20–25% time-saving in creating the board packs compared to our old board portal provider.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC

And it’s not just cost savings that Board Intelligence brings: one of our recent fund service partners reported an overall client spend increase of 7% after incorporating our portal into their services portfolio.

2. Its design is tailored to fund service providers’ specific needs

Most board portals are built with only listed companies in mind. But not Board Intelligence.

“Board Intelligence’s portal is clearly built to suit the needs of fund services teams.”

~ Wendy Twamley, Senior Director, Internal Corporate Secretarial Services

Our trademark bookcase and bookshelf structure segregates your clients’ data, keeping everything separate, simple, and secure, whilst giving you a bird’s eye view of all the entities you’re administering. And our granular permission set guarantees that administrators and clients can only access the entities, pack, and individual documents that they should. We even have different roles for junior and senior administrators, to enable packs to be collated by the former and then approved and published by the latter.

3. It offers fund service providers’ clients a premium experience

One of our fund service partners described their board portal as their “shop window”, so it matters that their client users have the best possible experience.

“BI24 are amazing! Without fail, every time we need something, they are the most responsive support team I deal with across all of our vendors globally.”

~ Stuart Geddes, Group Head of IT, Ocorian

With Board Intelligence, your clients can:

  • Quickly search across and within packs to find the information they need, whether it’s from two weeks or two years ago, and whether they’re on the go or off the grid.
  • Collaborate on packs ahead of time using annotations and in-app chat, so they can get straight to the crux of the conversation when their meetings start.
  • Be confident that their data is hosted in the highest-quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001-certified) and that, should they lose their iPad or another device, we can remotely wipe any data for extra assurance.
  • Speak to our BI24 Team, who are on hand at all hours, 365 days a year, with any technical questions.

4. It’s easy to switch

As the leading board management solution in the fund service space, we know what it takes to switch board portals transparently. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Firstly, we’ll help you build a business case outlining the projected time and cost savings, and where possible, new revenue streams.
  • Secondly, we’ll map out a migration and onboarding plan, and assign you a dedicated account manager to oversee the switch programme.
  • And thirdly, we’ll tailor our charging model to suit your needs and fit around your previous contract so you’re never being charged for two solutions at once.

If you’d like to request a quick demo of our board portal, get in touch here.

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