Switching Board Portals?

6 reasons organisations are moving to Board Intelligence

#1. You’re In Good Company

The board portal market is evolving and organisations need providers they can trust and rely on to keep their most confidential information secure.

We weren’t first to market but we do have the strongest proposition. That’s why 70% of our business is driven by client referrals. We like to think the reason for that is making sure your needs come first and in turn it means we get to work with these great organisations:


#2. Great Governance

Contrary to what other board portals say, good governance results from what’s in your board pack not how you distribute it.

Board Intelligence is the only Board Management Solution that improves the quality of your board papers as well as distributing them securely and electronically. Our Board reporting platform includes templates and an Academy so report writers get to the heart of the issues on the board’s mind, enabling your board to go from good to great.

“This has changed the way we talk about our business in the boardroom.”

~ Steve Holliday, CEO, National Grid — Watch the Video


#3. Enhanced Efficiencies

Organisations that implement our portal from a paper process achieve 90% time savings.

And those that switch from another provider achieve a further 20–25% efficiency saving vs. their previous provider.

“We’re looking at a 20–25% time saving in creating the board packs.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC — Watch the Video

#4. Functionality Over Features

It’s easy to get tempted by the vast array of features in some Board Portals but they can come at a cost.

Put our features side by side with some of our competitors and we won’t deny their list is longer, in fact we’re proud of that. We think it’s more important for you to be able to build, publish and read your board packs quickly and easily than have a list of features you never use.

“It took me 5 minutes to understand how to use the Board Portal — it couldn’t be easier.”

~ Matthew Parker, CEO, IP Solutions


#5. Superior Support

We believe 24/7 global support should come as standard.

Our Customer Success team go the extra mile, with dedicated account managers that proactively manage your account to continue to surprise and delight our clients.

“Board Intelligence is a really user friendly and intuitive system, backed up by a great service experience.”

~ Debbie Hewitt, Chairman, The Restaurant Group

#6. Secure UK Data Hosting

We provide the Best of British. Not only are we one of the most innovative, fast growing British technology companies but we use only the highest quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001 certified) approved for hosting UK Government data.

We take our duty to protect your board papers very seriously which is why we are ISO 27001 accredited and rated no.1 in all security tenders.

And we pay all of our tax in Britain.

“We don’t have the fear factor anymore when it comes to creating Board Information.”

~ Jennifer Foote, Company Secretary, Manchester College — Read the Case Study