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From Nationwide to Standard Chartered, our clients are our best advocates; that's why 70% of our business comes through referrals.

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We’re not the only board portal, but we certainly have the best advocates. 70% of our business is driven by client referrals and, just this year, hundreds of users have switched from other providers to Board Intelligence — where they find enterprise-grade security, intuitive technology, and 24/7 market-leading support.

Switching is easy and you’ll never pay for two portals at once because you can enjoy free access* to Board Intelligence until your current contract ends. * Terms & conditions apply

Trusted by 40,000+ board members and executives


Switch without a hitch

You can rely on our tried-and-tested process to switch board portals seamlessly — for both your board and governance team. With everything you need for a hassle-free switch, here’s what to expect:

  • We’ll help you build a business case outlining the projected time and cost savings and, where possible, new revenue streams.
  • Tailor your design, transfer board materials effortlessly, and benefit from dedicated support every step of the way.
    Read more about our Three-step transition plan
  • We’ll map out a migration and onboarding plan and assign you a dedicated account manager to oversee the switch programme.
  • We’ll tailor our charging model to suit your needs and fit around your previous contract so you’re never charged for two portals at once.

“You made it very easy for us to switch board portal provider, and it was completely worth it. We’re so glad we took the plunge.”

~ Jason Wright, Society Secretary, Nationwide


Secure your board meetings and your most important documents

Ensure your data is kept secure at all times and only accessed by authorised individuals thanks to our board portal’s industry-leading security standards.

  • The highest-quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001-certified), approved for hosting UK Government data.
  • The only UK-HQed, UK-hosted board portal.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus-certified.
  • Biometric login with Face-ID or Touch-ID on any compatible iOS/MacOS device

“We don’t have the fear factor anymore when it comes to creating Board Information.”

~ Jennifer Foote, Company Secretary and General Counsel, The Manchester College


“The easiest-to-use board portal platform on the market”

Put our feature list side-by-side with some of our competitors, and we won’t deny their list is longer; in fact, we’re proud of that. Our portal simplifies board meeting preparation from start to finish. We bring together our unique background in governance with feedback from a huge network of board members, to design an experience that combines everything you love about paper with the power of technology. 

  • Simple, uncluttered, and intuitive navigation
  • The highest-quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001-certified), approved for hosting UK Government data.
  • Make notes with a variety of annotation tools.
  • Collate board packs in minutes and see at a glance what changed.

“It took me 5 minutes to understand how to use the Board Intelligence Portal — it couldn’t be easier.”

~ Matthew Parker, CEO, Babble

Unmatched support and expertise, always there with BI24

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Once you’re up and running on the Board Intelligence platform (usually within 24 hours) we’ll be with you, not just to help you get the most from your board management software, but also to ensure you’re up to date with all that’s happening in the world of governance and developing the skills you and your board need to succeed.

  • True 24/7 support from BI24. Our team of product specialists are available to speak to any time you need them, every day of the year.
  • Real people, genuine support. Every interaction with BI24 is backed by real, experienced product specialists, giving all users personalized support and technical expertise.
  • Our AI-powered Board Reporting platform offers templates and training to enhance productivity and effectively navigate governance challenges.
  • Events programme — from our Governance Game Changers series for CoSecs through to the Director Community — giving you access to the expertise of your peers.

“BI24 are amazing! Without fail, every time we need something, they are the most responsive support team I deal with across all of our vendors globally.”

~ Stuart Geddes, CIO, Ocorian


Enhanced Efficiencies

Rated #1 for client experience, delivering the greatest time savings*. Organisations that implement our portal from a paper process achieve 90% time savings. And those that switch from another provider achieve a further 20–25% efficiency saving vs. their previous provider.

Complete the board reporting calculator and uncover the hidden cost of your board reporting

*>20% time saved. Industry time and motion studies.

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Our three-step transition plan

Tailor your design, transfer board materials effortlessly, and benefit from dedicated support every step of the way.

Business case template

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