4 ways corporate service providers can better meet their clients’ needs with a board portal

Board portal

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Corporate and fund service providers increasingly differentiate themselves from the competition through their technology offering — and few tools can improve their clients’ experience the way a board portal can.

1. An all-in-one collaborative workspace for your clients

Perhaps the most evident benefit: board portals provide a centralised hub for directors' communication, collaboration, and document sharing. For your clients, this means no more digging for the latest revision of a document in their inbox or having to find their way across multiple platforms. Their information is always accessible in one platform, and always up-to-date.

“Delivery to clients is a lot faster.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC

Some portals enable directors to share notes and annotations before their meetings so that they can make the most of their time together. And thanks to integrated search functions, portals give board members quick and easy access to past information — all conveniently stored in one secure place.

2. A secure platform that adapts to your clients’ structures

Speaking of security, another major perk of board portals is that they keep both the service providers’ own confidential information and their clients’ secure from cyberthreats — and the best portals do so even for multi-client, multi-fund structures with multi-boarded directors.

Portals like Board Intelligence can be configured to reflect each of your clients’ organisational structure, thanks to a unique bookcase and bookshelf design that keeps everything separate, simple, and secure — whilst still providing you with an overall view of all the entities you’re managing. And granular permissions at every level — including within the board packs themselves — guarantee that users only see the documents or the parts of the documents that they should.

The result? Peace of mind for your clients, and little to no training required to navigate a structure that they’re already familiar with.

“Board Intelligence was the only solution that could accommodate our growing list of clients, flexibly, and without compromising the quality of service that we offered.”

~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services, Waystone



3. Great service and shorter wait times thanks to increased efficiencies

Board reporting isn’t a cheap endeavour (you can measure your costs using our Board Reporting Calculator for Service Providers). But good board portals deliver big operational efficiencies — with Board Intelligence delivering up to a 25% time saving compared to other solutions according to our customers. And by cutting the amount of time spent collating, publishing, and updating board packs, they free up resources that can be channelled towards serving more clients without needing to increase headcount.

With the board portal implementation and ongoing service overseen by your provider, both you and your clients also get access to support whenever needed. For example, Board Intelligence provides 24/7 concierge-style support to clients, alongside dedicated account managers and frequent training sessions to get new users up to speed. Our team also carries out implementations and can roll out to over 100 entities a month — meaning that your clients don’t have to wait to start using their new system.

“BI24 are amazing! Without fail, every time we need something, they are the most responsive support team I deal with across all of our vendors globally.”

~ Stuard Geddes, Group Head of IT, Ocorian

4. Better governance overall

Finally, board portals give fund service providers an opportunity to expand their offering into better governance and decision-making. Tools like Board Intelligence’s agenda planner can help clients assess whether they are fully considering all stakeholders, while meeting analytics provide them with quantified insight into what their boards are spending their time discussing.

Portals can also come with best-practice templates and expert training for report writers. And altogether, this unlocks significant improvements to the quality of the documents reaching clients’ boards.

“The Board Intelligence portal has brought many advantages including strong governance.”

~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services, Waystone

A solution that works both for you and your clients

The Board Intelligence board portal is the only board portal designed for fund, trust, and corporate service providers, with an architecture, permission set, and charging model optimised for the industry. By using a fee and billing structure that aligns with client invoicing, the Board Intelligence board portal provides service providers with the flexibility to co-market the solution as part of an enhanced client offering — turning a cost centre into a revenue stream.

“The Board Intelligence portal has helped us leverage technology to transform the board meeting process. We’ve had fantastic feedback from clients.”

~ ~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services, Waystone


If you would like to find out more about how you could use the Board Intelligence board portal to enhance your client offering, click the link below to arrange a demo with our specialist team.

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