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Scarlett leads the Think Tank at Board Intelligence and is passionate about helping leaders and boards achieve better, evidence-based practices, ultimately making every business a force for good in society.

Scarlett specialises in topics such as business in society, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, leadership, and corporate governance. She frequently contributes as a speaker, panellist, and commentator on these topics. Notably, she has made appearances on Radio 4 and Radio 2, and in 2023, she was recognized as one of HR's Most Influential Thinkers. She has successfully conducted and authored major research insights in collaboration with prominent organizations, such as the CIPD, Grant Thornton Governance Institute, University of Oxford, Company Matters, and HR Magazine.

In 2022, Scarlett published her book titled "Gender and Corporate Boards: The Route to a Seat at the Table," which is based on her PhD research on the obstacles to achieving boardroom diversity.

Articles by Scarlett Brown

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The QDI Principle in action

How our methodology helped this FTSE 100 drive agility

We helped a global consumer goods company to adopt the QDI Principle, fuelling faster, smarter, and more focused decision making.

“There are three questions every board should ask. Do I really know what is going on? Are we focusing on the right things? And are we asking the right questions?”

~ Executive, Reckitt (FTSE 100)

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