Case Study — NHS Royal Surrey

Case study

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The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust worked with Board Intelligence to quantify the time and cost savings our Board Reporting System would deliver.

The Trust calculated cost savings of 36% and time savings of 90%.

The Challenge

The Trust wanted to reduce the administrative overhead associated with the management of board papers.

Every month, the Trust spent on average 10.5 days producing papers for the board, committees and executive meetings — and thousands printing and distributing these papers.

As a result, the Trust decided to introduce a more automated and efficient method of producing and distributing board packs, to achieve significant time and cost savings.

Key Considerations

The key considerations of the Trust’s Secretariat Team were:

  1. Time: how much time will be saved?
  2. Cost: what savings will the system deliver?
  3. Convenience: how easy is the system to use?
  4. Security: how secure is the system?


The Outcome

1. Time

Our system is the most automated board pack production tool on the market. It is simple to use and optimised to manage last-minute changes. The Trust was able to reduce the time spent producing papers for their meetings from 10.5 days to 1 day per month (a 90% saving).

2. Cost

Our digital reporting system delivers a cost — and carbon — efficient alternative to traditional print-and-courier methods of board pack production. The Trust was able to achieve an annual cost saving of 36%.

3. Convenience

Our board portal, produces an intelligent pack with the look and feel of paper. It is easy to search, annotate and share notes, as well as republish a pack (without losing annotations). The final pack can be accessed through a secure web-browser or our secure app.

4. Security

Our system is hosted in the UK and adheres to the highest level of security standards.

The Trust worked out that over a 3 year period our system will deliver savings of 342 days and £43,000.

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